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C u r r i c u l u m  B a s e d  R e a d e r s T h e a t r e  S c r i p t s
Math  |  English/Language Arts  |  Literature  |  Social Studies  |  Science  |  Theatre

 Fractions    Beowulf
 Multiplication    A Boy at War
 Order of Operations    F. Scott Fitzgerald
 Polygons    Conflict in Holes
  by Louis Sachar
 Polygons    The Great Migration
by Jacob Lawrence
 Range, Median, Mode    Katie's Trunk
 Triangles    Literary Texts
 Variables    Of Mice and Men
by John Steinbeck
 Word Problems    Middle School Novels
SOCIAL STUDIES    The Phantom Toll Booth
 Thirteen Original Colonies    The View From Saturday
 Famous African Americans   SCIENCE
 The American Revolution    Electricity
 The Bill of Rights    Energy
 Civil War - Cause and Effect    Frog Stages of Life
 Civil War Events    The Importance of Food
 Representation in Congress    Global Warming
 Egypt    The Expanding Horizon
 Jamestown    Landforms
 The Loch Ness Monster    Mammals
 Meso-Americans: Maya, Inca,
  and Moche
   Meteors and Comets
 Celebrities of the Renaissance    Planets - Captain Planet
 Rosa Parks    Planets
 Southeastern United States    Saturated Solutions
 The Statue of Liberty    Science Fair Boot Camp
 The Transcontinental Railroad    Water Cycle
 U Street - Washington, D.C.    Water Cycle II
 U.S. Westward Expansion    Weather
 Acting Terminology    Adjectives
 Antigone    Books
 Commedia Dell Arte    Characterization
 Common Spotlights    Conflict
  Flats    Daedalus
 Gilbert and Sullivan    Dangling Modifiers
 Greek Theatre    Elements of a Story
 History of Musical Theatre    Figurative Language
 Medieval Theatre (CBRT)    Formal Writing
 Medieval Theatre (RT)    Nonfiction
 Morality Plays    Orpheus
 NOH Theatre    Pandora
Oedipus Rex    Prometheus
 Roman Theatre    Parts of a Story
 Rules of Improv    Persuasive Essays
 Shakespeare's Heroines    Prefixes and Suffixes
 Shakespeare's Theatre    Purposes for Reading
 Stage Directions    Theme
 The Characters of The Miracle Worker    The Writing Process
 The Rehearsal Process    Types of Sentences
 Theatre Etiquette    Verbs
 Theatre of the Absurd II    Vocabulary Idol
 Theatre of the Absurd (RT)    
 Theatre Superstitions